June 1, 2018

Tips On Searching Houses For Sale In Nashville

Searching houses for sale in the greater Nashville area can often be a difficult undertaking. There are thousands of websites to pick from. The information below will help you better understand these options.

Where the Listings Come From

Listings in Tennessee are mostly entered into the local MLS system by real estate agents. The data is then shared to other websites through data feeds. These third parties recompile the data and present limited data on their websites.

Even though these third parties extract data from MLS, they do not always receive every home or every possible field from the MLS. Listing companies can also opt-out of having their information included in the data feed. This has been the common case with feeds for Zillow and Trulia, where their direct feeds were cut off. Also, third party websites might only update information at specific intervals, so new listings may not automatically appear. If you are searching home listings in our hot real estate market, a delay in learning about a new house for sale can result in missing the property of your dreams.

Tips On Searching Houses For Sale In Nashville

Using the Internet is an easy way to search houses for sale, but remember that local real estate agents have the ability to view everything in the system and full listing details including disclosures. Real estate agents will either evaluate real estate listings on your behalf or grant you direct access to listings in the MLS through daily or hourly email notifications. Speak to your real estate agents for more details. We have even created a website that has a direct feed from the MLS and updates every 5-15 minutes. You can find this website at www.NashvilleHouseLocator.com

Benefits of Getting Assistance from Real Estate Agents

Finding a home is difficult enough on its own, not to mention the actual purchase process after you find a home. Why not receive assistance? Hiring us means having a professional to provide useful guidance through the process. We will help you select houses to see, evaluate alternatives, and make informed decisions. You may continue to use third party apps that you enjoy in addition to the one that we provide.

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May 15, 2018

Home Repair Contracts

Renovating your home can be a stressful endeavor. In addition to the big step of hiring a contractor, there are other things you must evaluate relating to the actual agreement to perform the tasks. It is helpful for both you and your contractor to fully discuss all terms and to put the details in writing. So many of us have been through a situation where we were taken advantage of by a contractor, or a miscommunication cost us more money than expected. The following is our recommendations as to what we think should be in a repair contract.

Basic Contract Terms

Most contracts will have at least some basic details. Examples are:

  • Contractor Contact Information
  • Customer Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Contracted Price
  • General Description of the Tasks to Be Completed
  • Payment Schedule

When it comes to these terms, more information is better than less. Instead of vague descriptions, ask for detailed line items. For instance, if the work involves multiple distinct tasks, have each one listed separately along with its price. This will be helpful if you need to remove or change a particular line item and will reduce mis-communication over what the price should have been. Also reference the manufacturer or quality of equipment if applicable. Anything that you discussed with the contractor can be mentioned in the contract terms.

Additional Provisions to Think About

Time Frames

Time frames are a typical misunderstanding among homeowners and contractors. To avoid any confusion, document estimated deadlines in the agreement. If time is of the essence, that should be clearly included as well.

Responsibilities of Each Party

Contract terms may also outline specific responsibilities of the contractor and the homeowner. It can restrict hours that a home may be accessed, what parts of your property they may access, and any other relevant instructions. As the customer, you may be required to complete some things such as relocating belongings. The best way to verify that all parties are aware of these things is to write it in the contract.

Contract Terms For Nashville Property Repairs

You might interview a few potential contractors prior to selecting one, have multiple discussions with a single one, or have more than one contractor working on different things simultaneously. There are many opportunities for mix-ups and expensive mistakes. Having a detailed agreement will help you remain organized and protect your interests. The advice in this article are merely a few basic tips, and should not be considered legal advice. Speak to an attorney on questions regarding any contracts or disagreements.

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May 1, 2018

Suggestions For Controlling Pests In Nashville Properties

Pests such as cockroaches and rats can cause a health hazard to you and your family. Once a pest infestation grows, it may be extremely difficult to address. There are many things that you can do to minimize pest problems in a property, by both chemical and non-chemical alternatives. In this blog are suggestions for controlling pests in Nashville properties.

Basic Pest Prevention

Get Rid of Water

All organisms need water to survive, so it is crucial to remove the dampness in your residence. Repair leaks in pipes and do not let water remain standing anywhere in or surrounding your building. Take out damp materials. Even elevated humidity will attract pests, so place a dehumidifier in damp areas of a property. Eliminating moisture will make it less appealing to pests.

Normal Hiding Places

Avoid having any typical indoor hiding places such as big piles of newspapers, paper bags, and boxes kept for long lengths of time. These easily store moisture and render suitable homes for rodents. Think about using plastic boxes for extended storage necessities.

Cover Entry Ways

Prevent rodents from getting liberal access to your home by caulking small openings in ceilings, walls, and floors. Insert screens on drains, windows, and doors to discourage flying pests from openly entering the property. Check to make sure your dryer vent cover is in good condition, where your dryer vent exits your home. Check your soffit to make sure there aren't any openings for pests to enter the attic. Add weather stripping to windows and doors to block any open cracks. Particularly in warmer seasons, keep doors closed to minimize entry points.

Food Storage

Try not to leave food out on counters and in kitchen sinks. This attracts insects and provides a food source. Think about buying storage bins that seal air-tight. Trash receptacles can also invite in unwanted pests, so find designs that hold in smells. Use a garbage disposal if possible to reduce the amount of waste put in your bin.


Pests seek places to live that satisfy simple needs for air,moisture, food, and shelter. The best method to address pests is to inhibit them from accessing your property to begin with by eliminating the elements that they need to survive (as described above). Taking these simple precautions can prevent the need for more extensive actions later. Also remember that Tennessee homes are prone to termite infestations. These are very hard to detect until you see visible damage, at which point the infestation has been there for quite some time. Hiring a pest control company to treat the home for termites, regardless of any active infestation is important, and keeping your home under warranty with a termite company adds value and peace of mind.

These suggestions for controlling pests in your middle Tennessee home, are intended to only be an introductory list. You can call us for more information at 615-915-8389 or email us at TheNashvilleDuo@gmail.com


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April 16, 2018

Exterior Siding Options For Homes

There are different exterior siding options for homes. Each provides different pros and cons and pricing can also be a consideration. The following is an introduction to a few of the most common types of siding.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is the most popular siding. It is made of PVC and is, as a result, very durable and low maintenance. It tends to be cost effective, although prices may range based on the thickness and style of the vinyl. The negative feature of vinyl siding is the environmental impact. It creates pollution when manufactured and is not easily recyclable.

Wood Siding Material

Wood siding is a natural alternative. Common types of wood siding include cedar, cypress, and hardwood. They are chosen for their style and design elements. There are two formats for wood siding: clapboard and shakes. Clapboard comes in long flat pieces used to create a clean look. Shakes are small segments that create texture and more character. Because it is a natural material, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl. It may also be stained or painted. However, wood requires regular maintenance to prevent chipping and warping.


Hardiplank is a fiber cement siding. It is produced from a combination of cement-like materials plus cellulose fibers. It features some benefits above wood and vinyl options. When compared to vinyl, it does not produce pollution when manufactured and does not feed flames in a fire. When compared to wood siding, it does not use any endangered species of wood and is not as combustible either. Yet Hardiplank looks very similar to wood and may be painted. However, Hardiplank is typically more costly as well.

Brick Siding

Brick siding is fireproof and very durable. It offers great insulation and does not need painting or staining. It is extremely popular in the Middle Tennessee area as the siding of choice. However, brick and mortar are porous and are thus more susceptible to moisture if not properly installed. It can also be less cost effective to purchase and install than other siding materials.

Selecting Exterior Siding Options For Nashville Homes

Before selecting from the exterior siding options for Nashville homes, consider the the overall design of your house, climate changes, and your budget. Not all of the options above will meet your needs. If building a custom property, ask your builder about each option. There may be additional alternatives that you may want to evaluate. You may end up selecting just one or a combination to achieve your design goals.

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April 1, 2018

The Psychology Of Color And Home Design Considerations

Before painting rooms, contemplate the psychology of color. Every color elicits particular moods. It can also contribute to the depth of a space. Lastly, it may affect the selling value of your home. In this blog, we will discuss the psychology of color and home design considerations.

The Psychology Of Color

Colors not only have particular meanings, but they also commonly create particular emotions. Some of these can vary by culture.

  • Purple: Harmonious and Imaginative
  • Yellow: Joy and Friendliness
  • Blue: Calmness and Peace
  • Pink: Beautiful and Compassionate
  • Green: Optimistic and Fresh
  • Gray: Neutral and Authoritative - 2018's most popular color to use for resale purposes.
  • Black: Powerful and Serious

Effect of Colors on a Space

The lightness or darkness of a color can determine other elements of a space. Lighter colors tend to cause a space to seem open and big. This is desirable for narrow spaces. Conversely, dark shades make a room seem smaller. It is useful for making a spacious room feel less barren. You can choose to combine dark and light shades to bring attention to certain aspects of a room.

Color Home Design Considerations

Before deciding on colors for a house, think about the space and its purpose. What mood do you wish to foster? This may change for each room in the home. Give some thought to how one space transitions to the next. This is important not just for your intended needs, but it may also affect how future home buyers may feel when they preview your property. Buyers should be able to imagine their belongings in your home, so it is better to avoid extreme color schemes when it is time to list. Keeping resale in mind is one of the most important home design considerations. If you find it difficult selecting colors while taking into account the psychology of color and the furnishings that you have to work with, you may hire an interior decorator.

For more advice on the most popular used shades of gray, or for help in choosing colors, feel free to call us at 615-678-9450 or email us at TheNashvilleDuo@gmail.com

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March 15, 2018

Nashville Spring Market Trends

Spring is generally a busier time of year for the market. More listings usually find their way to the market, as well as additional buyers looking to make a purchase. If you are thinking about buying or selling this Spring, this blog offers Nashville Spring market trends.

Spring Trends

The Spring tends to be a less busy time of year for many people. In the Fall, back-to-school is hectic for families with children. After that approaches the winter months with gift shopping and events. People are pre-occupied with income taxes in the first few months of the new year. Only after that will schedules open up for most. The sun is out longer, the climate gets warmer, and people look to take on more come Spring months. As a result, Spring is a busier season for real estate.

Abundance of Homes

Sellers usually believe that their properties look best in the spring and summer and that this will result in a higher home price. They naturally start fixing up the exterior of the home as the temperature increases and things begin to bloom. The longer days also grant more time for these tasks. The Spring will bring an influx of property listings as a result. This also leads to more competition, so home owners must carefully contemplate pricing their listings accurately to achieve a quick sale. They should also make appointment scheduling simple. Home buyers may not bother with listings with cumbersome or inconvenient showing arrangements. With correct pricing and viewing arrangements, Sellers will make the most of the Spring real estate market.

Buyer Considerations

Buyers also have more energy to focus on their property search in the Spring and like choosing from more options. However, there is very low inventory in general,... well below demand. Buyers must move quickly under such conditions, especially when it comes to updated homes.

Nashville Spring Market Trends

To take advantage of the Spring real estate market, we would love to provide you information and support.  For sellers, it is vital to set an accurate price, and for their agent to use proper marketing in order to gain the most momentum. Buyers should remain up to date on new listings. It is also important for buyers to maintain perspective. With some support, you can accomplish your buying or selling goals this year! For more Nashville Spring market trends, contact us at TheNashvilleDuo@gmail.com or 615-915-8389.

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March 1, 2018

Selling Your Home "As-is"

If you have bought or sold real estate, you have probably seen the word as-is. Homeowners may prefer to sell as-is, but it is critical to understand how a buyer may feel about it. Here is helpful information on selling your home as-is.

Meaning of As-Is

The term as-is signifies that a home will be sold in its present state without any repairs. This covers any problems that could be present, whether those issues are apparent or not. Buyers may complete an inspection to better assess any issues before completing the purchase. Based on past lawsuits involving as-is terminology, the specific interpretation can differ by state.

Property Disclosures

No matter if an as-is clause is used in a home sale, home sellers still have a obligation to disclose any known adverse facts in the state of Tennessee. The use of as-is does not permit sellers to hide known issues. This is important for sellers to know.

How Buyers May React

Seeing an as-is condition in a home sale is typically intimidating for many buyers. Many infer that the home must have some large-scale problems, even if that is not always the case. Buyers who are prepared to accept a sale as-is, often offer a lower sales price as a trade off.

The Benefit to Sellers

Sellers frequently use the condition as-is to say that they are unable or unwilling to complete any work on a home prior to closing. It is clearly favorable to a home seller given that it creates some level of shelter against future claims from that buyer. For buyers, it can be a red flag and they must proceed with caution.

Is Selling Your Nashville Home As-is a Good Idea?

This is not always an easy question. Consult with us about selling your Nashville home as-is and whether it is a good idea. We will provide some guidance on the affect it can have on potential offers, and alternative options that may work for your situation. If you are not already under contract with an agent, contact us at 615-915-8389 or TheNashvilleDuo@gmail.com

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Feb. 1, 2018

Tips On Buying Properties In 55+ Communities

There are a few special aspects to buying properties in 55+ communities. 55+ communities can offer unique features, amenities, and regulations. This article covers tips on buying properties in 55+ communities in Nashville.

55+ Communities and What They Are

55+ communities are age-restricted. The precise criteria depend on the individual community. Some require just one occupant be a minimum of 55 years old while others are stricter and mandate that every resident be at least 62 years of age, making it a 62+ complex. Some allow minors while others restrict them. It is important to become familiar with these and other restrictions before moving forward with a purchase.

Common Conveniences Of 55+ Communities

55+ communities are planned to provide maintenance-free living for its residents. Most include certain conveniences. Golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, and recreational facilities are very popular. An association is generally given responsibility for everyday maintenance of land, exterior, and shared amenities. Many will also provide recreational programs for its residents. Be sure to inquire about any dues for these.

Homes within 55+ communities ordinarily include particular features. Examples are a master bedroom on the first level, smaller yards, and energy efficient appliances. If buying new construction properties, certain features may be optional. Model homes are generally upgraded to highlight add-on amenities. It is therefore wise to get details on what is included.

Buying Properties In 55+ Communities In Nashville

Every community has something unique to offer. This is influenced by age restrictions, rules, services, property styles, location, and population. It is important to understand and weigh all of this information. Working with a real estate broker who specializes in this kind of property may make a big difference in the process. Your real estate broker can help you evaluate community paperwork, advise you on questions to ask, and help you develop an educated decision about buying properties in 55+ communities in Nashville.

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Jan. 15, 2018

Choosing Between Custom And Production Builders

There are so many home building companies available, it may be confusing figuring out what types of projects they specialize in. From plot plans to finishes and materials, each builder may handle things a little bit differently. There are a number of things to keep in mind regarding choosing between custom and production builders in Nashville.

What Are Custom Builders

While many custom builders will build on lots that they own, most require that clients own their own land. This allows you the ability to use your own design. However, owning your own land means you are responsible for the risks and costs of the land. So make sure to do your due diligence before purchasing land, as you don't want to be suprised later that you are unable to build a home on it, or the home you desire. Custom builders often design one-of-a-kind homes that are lot adapted and built exclusively for one client from a unique blueprint. Some custom builders even provide specialized design services. Additionally, they construct high-end, residential properties, and take on a small volume of homes each year. For individuals are able to afford it, hiring a custom builder will offer the greatest amount of control and flexibility.

What Are Production Builders

Production builders ordinarily use the same practices and allow less flexibility than custom builders. They normally work on plots of land that they purchased and only allow clients to choose from a set of stock plans. However, they will provide a number of options such as your choice of flooring, counter tops, kitchen cabinets and trim. Production builders handle all types of buildings, from single-family residences to town houses and commercial properties. They also cover different price ranges from entry level to move-up. Lastly, they generally construct 25 or more properties per year. If you are a budget limited consumer, production builders may be a better alternative.

Choosing Between Custom And Production Builders In Nashville

Please note that the information above on choosing between custom and production builders are only generalizations. Some builders do not neatly fit into either category. Although cost is a major difference between obtaining some of what you want and getting exactly what you want, you also need to think about exactly how involved you wish to be. Availability of land for sale can also be a determining factor. Regardless of which path you choose, many builders will offer a certain level of customization. You ultimately will want a property that best fits both your wishes and your finances.

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Jan. 1, 2018

Recommendations To Prevent Home Pipes From Freezing In Cold Weather

Frigid conditions bring certain potential problems for homeowners. One major problem is bursting pipes. The following are a few recommendations to prevent home pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Why Pipes Burst

Inside pipes, freezing will form a blockage. As water freezes, it expands. You might have seen this with things that you put in the freezer. The blockage may cause increased pressure along the pipe while it freezes further. The pipe may not necessarily erupt at the freezing point. It can occur further down the line, normally near your faucets. The burst could happen inside walls or even within your rooms.

Recommendations To Prevent Home Pipes From Freezing In Cold Weather

Pipes are installed in varying areas of your residence. There are separate preventative measures based on the location of the pipes..

Outdoor Faucets

For pipes that run outdoors, such as ones for your hose connections, it is best to shut down the water at its source and flush the lines. Since you do not need to use hoses during winter months, there is no need to retain water in that line of pipe. However, if you can not shut off the outdoor hose connections, a second option is to purchase foam insulators to place over the hose connection for the winter.

Interior Pipes

For other areas of your property, there are several things you can do. First, look into insulating the pipes with a special foam material available at the local hardware retailer. This is particularly helpful for pipes in cold basements or crawlspaces. Pipes in the living area can also burst. Be sure to keep your heat set to a minimal temperature even when you are away. A burst pipe will cause more repair costs than the cost of the electricity or fuel used to heat the home.

Additional Tips for Temperatures Below Zero

Below zero temperatures require some special precautions. The first is to maintain the same temperature at all times in the home. Secondly, leave the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to enable warmth to reach pipes. Lastly, you can turn your faucet on slightly so that they drip. This allows some pressure to release from the pipes. Allow a slow drip at one faucet per each level of your home.  The more, the better.

Simple Solutions for Preventing Frozen Pipes Go a Long Way

Frozen pipes can create a costly of damage, especially when it is undetected for an extended number of hours. It is well worthwhile to actively address the situation by considering these recommendations to prevent home pipes from freezing in cold weather. Also, take the time to ask your property insurance company to establish that you are covered for problems such as bursting pipes. If you live in a condo, check with the association to see if their insurance covers burst pipes.

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